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Errors while porting for a new processor

Hi GNU-team,
I am facing two problems while trying to build a cross compiler
for a new processor.
    which has register
        R13 as link register,
        R14 as stack pointer and
        R15 as program counter

The two problems which I face are as below

I have writien the md file and defined the target macros as
required. When I try to build the cross compiler fully, it fails at
compiling the libgcc2.c with the builtup xgcc - saying

./libgcc2.c:305: Internal compiler error in 'canon_hash', at cse.c:2269

May anyone help me in fixing the error.

When I try to get the assembly dump of a sample - simple program
        int i,j,k;
        i = 5;
        j = 10;


it gives me an error saying
    internal error-unrecognizable insn:
        (call_insn    7    6    9    (parallel    [
                                    (call    (mem:SI (symbol_ref:SI ("__main")) 0)
                                                    (const_int 0 [0x0] ))
                                        (clobber (reg:SI 13 %R13))
                        ]    )    -1    (nil)

I have defined the machine descriptions as follows.

        (define_expand "call"
                [ ( parallel [ ( call(match_operand 0 "memory_operand" "")
                        (match_operand   1 "general_operand" ""))
                            (clobber (reg:SI 13))] )]

        (define_insn "*call_mem"
                [ ( call (mem: SI (match_operand:SI 0 "memory_operand" "m"))
                        (const_int 0))
                    (clobber (reg:SI    13))]
                "GET_CODE(operands[1]) == SYMBOL_REF"

Do I have to define any other pattern to get rid off this error? / is there any other
way to resolve this?


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