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Re: Buffer Overflow Attacks

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Florian Weimer wrote:

> The struct hack for character arrays results in strictly conforming
> programs because arithmetic on pointers to a character type is not
> restricted in any way, as long the enclosing object is not left.  This
> is a consequence of

       [#7]  A  pointer  to  an  object  or  incomplete type may be
       converted to a pointer to a different object  or  incomplete
       type.   If the resulting pointer is not correctly aligned57)
       for  the  pointed-to  type,  the  behavior   is   undefined.
       Otherwise,  when  converted  back  again,  the  result shall
       compare equal to the original pointer.  When a pointer to an
       object  is  converted  to a pointer to a character type, the
       result points to the lowest addressed byte  of  the  object.
       Successive  increments  of the result, up to the size of the
       object, yield pointers to the remaining bytes of the object.

The problem is, what is "the object"?  In the struct hack, it is quite
arguably an array of size 1 within the structure - not the larger area
within which the structure was allocated.

Joseph S. Myers

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