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Re: PR3909 and KDE2

At 11:59 09.10.2001, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
>Franz Sirl wrote:
> > Oops, I forgot to mention that this is PR3909, testcase included in there.
> > It's a pity this can't be solved in 3.0.2, it seemed to me that Nathan was
> > nearly there already with 3.0.1.
>Yes, well what looked like a little thread to tease out turned out to pull
>a large amount of stuff with it. I've got a patch against 3.1 of a few
>months ago, but it is (a) too large & complex for a dot release, (b)
>untested against KDE. The good news is that (a) it did fix the remaining
>3145 & 3909 failures, (b) it's related to /using/ the vbase offsets,
>rather than creating them.

Well, is it possible to port the patch to 3.0.x for testing even if it 
doesn't make it into the 3.0.x series? I don't have the resources to switch 
my whole system to 3.1 in the near future :-(.

>It kind of dropped off my radar. When I built KDE, I ran into some other
>problems (4206) & I wasn't really sure what failures I was looking for. My
>plan is to verify it works for KDE and then incrementally install it into 3.1

The KDE problem is easy to recognize, if you have sound working, it's OK 
(at least better than now), otherwise there are still problems. Or, if you 
don't want to run all of KDE (actually you only need kdelibs and kdebase) 
for testing, just start 'artsd' and then use 'artscat' and 'artsplay' (see for documentation).


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