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Re: [Ada]: failure to build on Mandrake 8.1 / x86

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Geert Bosch wrote:

> I get conflicting messages on two points, could you answer these:
>   * Should the autogenerated files be checked in or not?

They should be checked in iff they are not removed by make
maintainer-clean, which should be iff they are needed to run configure and
build the compiler in the normal way, given maintainer tools (which may
include Perl, a full GNAT installation, etc.) installed.

>   * Should the files be put in the source directory or in the build directory?

The trend seems to be for them to go in the build directory.  If generated
files go in the build directory, but need maintainer tools which users
aren't required to have installed to be built (such as Perl and Bison),
then the release script needs to be set up to copy them to the source
directory after building the compiler, and the Makefiles need to be set up
to find them there for users of releases who don't have the maintainer
tools installed.  The simpler approach, currently used for most such
files, is for them to go in the source directory, and so automatically end
up in release tarballs which are built from the source directory after a
bootstrap has been run in a separate build directory.  In this case
(generated in source directory but not checked in), the files should be
listed in .cvsignore.

Joseph S. Myers

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