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Re: [Ada]: failure to build on Mandrake 8.1 / x86

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Geert Bosch wrote:

> Ah. I submitted a patch for gcc_release, as requested, but I did not
> get feedback on that yet. As I understand it now, the processing for
> updating the autogenerated sources should go in gcc_update.
> I'll make that change and resubmit the patches for gcc_release and 
> gcc_update.

Generated files *not in CVS* should be generated from gcc_release.  The
normal method is for a bootstrap to put them in the source directory, but
if building puts them in the build directory instead then special
treatment is needed (and is currently present for the message catalogs).
If they are only generated in maintainer-mode, then the configure in
gcc_release would need to configure for maintainer-mode.

Generated files *in CVS* should be updated in CVS whenever their source
files are updated, and should be listed in gcc_update to keep the
timestamps in order.

Your patch to gcc_release also added generation of Ada tarballs.  This
should be done at the precise point at which snapshots move from the 3.0
branch to the mainline (and the scripts should be set up to generate a
separate Chill tarball as well, not because that is useful but so it
doesn't go in the core tarball).  I think it is about time to move
snapshots back to the mainline, but that should be approved by Mark and
the first mainline snapshot run manually.

Joseph S. Myers

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