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Re: The bloat sweepstakes...

On Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 04:24:03PM +1000, Fergus Henderson wrote:
> On 07-Oct-2001, Zack Weinberg <> wrote:
> > Largely for amusement, here's some statistics on the sizes of the
> > compiler binaries.  All figures are in kilobytes, for the final stage
> > of an i386 native bootstrap.  First, the back end:
> > 
> > text    rodata  data    bss     total   file
> > 2360.3  457.2   17.2    494.5   3329.3  libbackend.a
> Note that the rodata and bss sizes are both problematic for the Mercury
> front-end.  The reason is that the Mercury front-end uses the Boehm
> conservative collector, which scans the bss section and
> (on most systems) the rodata section.  (There's actually no need for
> the conservative collector to scan the rodata section, since that can't
> contain pointers to the heap, but unfortunately it's hard to tell where
> the rodata section starts and ends.)

That seems strange to me: it does scan rodata and it doesn't scan
text?  On most systems I am familar with, the boundary between
(text+rodata) and (data+bss) is obvious, but the boundary between text
and rodata is not.  I very much hope it doesn't scan rodata, because I
have Cunning Plans to reduce the text size considerably at the expense
of a somewhat larger rodata.  Note that much of rodata is strings.

These are the largest single items in cc1's bss segment (sizes in KB):

141.6   move_cost
141.6   may_move_out_cost
141.6   may_move_in_cost
26.3    floattab
26.3    fixtrunctab
26.3    fixtab
26.3    extendtab
12.0    reg_save_code
12.0    ssa_rename_to_hard
12.0    reg_restore_code

None of these contain any pointers.  Perhaps what is needed is some
sort of annotation visible to the Boehm collector, that certain data
or bss items do not contain pointers.

I think costs never get higher than 10 or so; we could cut the size of
the cost arrays by a factor of four by using unsigned char instead of
int.  Or am I mistaken about this?


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