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Re: compiling linux kernels with GCC 3.0

In article <p04330101b7e9f054094c@[]> you write:
>Like one of our former presidents, I've been "out of the loop" on this.
>Is it still the case that standard 3.0.x compilers are unable to compile current linux
>kernels due to mismatched expectations on optimizations?

gcc-3.0.x is supposed to work fine. It's not the recommended compiler
for "regular users", but that's not due to known problems, but simply
due to lack of history with it. I know several developers who are using
current gcc snapshots for kernel compiles, and they have yet to report
compiler trouble. (Well, I've actually gotten one report of kernel
trouble, but that was from rth with his personal gcc sandbox, and he
seemed to fix that ;)

So the only caveat is that the kind of developer who has a gcc CVS tree
tends to know what to expect, and can make something out of failures if
they happen. 

I'd love for as many people as possible to compile Linux with gcc-3.0.x,
but I also want to know about it in any potential bug-reports, in case
there is a compiler pattern.

In short: go for it.  And make a backup first, if you're one of the
careful people ;)


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