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Re: Ada documentation issues

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> Note that some (but not all) of these issues were addressed by Florian
> Weimer in <URL:>,
> which needs to be reviewed / applied.

Indeed, I was just reviewing that when your mail arrived. :-)

Florian, apart from a ChangeLog, there's only one issue I spotted with
the last part of your patch:

Index: invoke.texi
+@item @var{file}.ads
+Ada source code file which contains a library unit declaration (a
+declaration of a package, subprogram, or generic, or a generic
+instantiation), or a library unit renaming declaration (a package,
+generic, or subprogram renaming declaration).  These files are also
+called @dfn{specs}.

"Such files are also..."?

+@itemx @var{file}.adb
 @c GCC also knows about some suffixes for languages not yet included:
-@c Ada:
-@c @var{file}.ads
-@c @var{file}.adb
-@c @var{file}.ada

What happened to .ada? Your patch removes the old reference, but doesn't
introduce a new one -- is this intentional?

(As with the other parts, I'd prefer if one of our Ada maintainers
has a final look once you submit an updated version of your patches
and install them then.)


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