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Re: Revised patch for Ada bootstrap

I have read all the discussion on all sides of this issue, and it seems
to me that the patch makes perfectly reasonable sense, and as the official
maintainer of GNAT for the FSF, I hereby approve it. By the way, it makes
better sense to wait for me to make a decision before involving the SC. If
you don't like what I decide, then of course it is reasonable to involve them.

I appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm from people working to help get
GNAT smoothly integrated. In the past I have met some people who were
skeptical that anyone would be interested in GNAT in the gcc context.
I never believed that, but it is nice to see the level of activity, and
energetic technical discussion, which is as always, the best way to find
the best solutions to problems.

Robert Dewar
GNAT maintainer for FSF (since I wear two hats, the other one being
CEO of ACT, I like to make it clearer which hat I am wearing, from
now on, please assume that all messages I post in this context are as
someone working with the FSF, I will identify ACT messages as such
if there is ever a need to do so).

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