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Re: Ada files now checked in

The separate Ada for GNU/Linux team is a group of people who do some
work on the GNU/Linux version independently of ACT. Actually they
do not seem very active at the moment. Historically, they were the
first to generate RPM's, and did so before ACT did. The reason was
that at that point we at ACT did not know how to generate RPM's that
would work reliably. Neither did they, but they thought it was more
important to have an RPM than to have something that worked reliably
(that's not *so* unreasonable, since for a lot of simple student
use, the RPM's worked well enough). Now those problems have been
resolved in any case.

I agree that if Debian continues to distribute in the form with separate
driver names, then we need to accomodate that, but I would argue that
this is not a good idea for several reasons

1. gcc is by design intended to support multiple compilers, and it is
convenient to have a single driver that does just this.

2. the documentation all assumes that the name of the compiler is gcc

3. historically one of the reasons to do this was that gnat was not
fully part of gcc, and in particular, that it used an older version
of gcc as the base. This reason is in the process of disappearing.

So let's not assume that this decision is necessarily one that will
continue into the future. It's at least an item for discussion.

As to whether it is possible to bootstrap the checked in GNAT sources
using the currently packaged Debian version of GNAT, I don't know if
anyone has ever tried that, we certainly have not.

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