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Re: Ada files now checked in

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001 wrote:

> <<Meanwhile, I have to wonder why running GNU Ada on a popular version
> of the GNU system needs the attention of a group outside the core
> developers of GNU Ada.  Supporting GNU/Linu ought to be one of the
> main priorities of the core group.
> >>
> Sorry, I am confused here, most certainly ACT has always supported GNU/Linux
> with a standard installation in which the driver name is indeed gcc. I am
> really not sure what the point is here.

RMS's reference was to the message
<URL:> and the existence of
a separate Ada for GNU/Linux Team.  My point in quoting these messages is
that GNU Ada (not ACT internal development, but the version in the GCC CVS
repository) should work well with the current versions of the FSF's
preferred GNU/Linux distribution - including bootstrapping on it out of
the box, and supporting this should be a primary concern of the GNU Ada
maintainers.  That a particular configuration is used on the preferred GNU
system variant should be sufficient reason to support it for bootstrapping
rather than dismissing it as nonstandard.

Joseph S. Myers

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