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Re: Ada files now checked in

dewar <> writes:

> I understand, this is indeed a scenario which ACT has never been
> involved with, our standard distribution always calls the Ada compiler
> gcc. We are aware that others have made contrary decisions, and that
> does indeed make for some extra confusion.

As someone who installs software for a site-wide software tree, I have to
throw in here that I'd never install Ada as "gcc" up until now, when it's
actually been included in the gcc tree.  For one thing, there's a rule
that packages aren't allowed to mess around with the binaries in other
packages, since doing otherwise requires far more work for us.  For
another thing... well, on one hand, one has a C compiler that doesn't
officially support Ada and that's absolutely critical to many classes and
research work, and on the other hand there's an Ada compiler used by very
few people on campus released by a different organization based on a
heavily hacked gcc that attempts to replace parts of gcc.  Um.

Now I'm in a position to realize that you folks actually took a great deal
of care in this area and it really would work.  :)  But most people don't
follow gcc development as closely as I do, and "um" really is likely to be
the most common reaction.

We've always installed the Ada driver under another name, and I expect
that's likely a fairly widespread practice among users of the public
release where Ada isn't critical to their daily life (and therefore
something about which they have an expert on staff).

(This is all moot for Stanford's setup, as the verison of GNAT that we
have installed is far too ancient to bootstrap anything and I'll probably
just not bother updating it now until GCC 3.1 comes out, but I figured I'd
throw out a non-developer viewpoint for what it's worth.)

Russ Allbery (             <>

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