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Re: Ada files now checked in writes:

> <<What, you want to keep the Ada tools around as well as the C or Perl
> ones?  That would be silly.  We only need one version.
> >>
> See previous message, I potentially agree for C, but disagree for Perl, we
> don't want to intodruce another language into our build environment at
> ACT just for this purpose, especially if it is Perl :-)

I don't see the problem with Ada tools for these particular files.
Only people who actually change the compiler need these tools, and
since they are platform-independent, the generated files can be
shipped together with the source code.

Okay, if you want to change certain parts of GNAT, you have to build
and install GNAT first (provided that you only have got the minimal
set of binaries), but this requirement does not seem too troublesome
to me.

The other build problem (different compiler driver names for C and
Ada) seems to be more problematic.  What about a patch for GCC 2.95.4
so that the gcc drivers includes Ada support by default, so that you
can drop in a gnat1 binary?

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