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Re: Ada files now checked in

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001 wrote:

> For example, we did take some care to try to ensure that the current
> sources can be built with 3.13, rather than the previous version which
> is 3.14, But I would expect an attempt to build with 3.12 or earlier
> to fail, and I would not be surprised to find that some non-standard
> distribution of 3.13 would also fail.

So, the configure script needs to check for the necessary features of the
bootstrap GNAT and for the bugs that prevent bootstrap.  I think Zack's
patch to find a bootstrap compiler that supports Ada is a good first step;
if after this some bug is found in a past packaged release that prevents
bootstrap, you can contribute a test for the relevant bug (*not* a version
test, since the Autoconf philosophy is to test for features rather than
versions) rather than claiming that some packaged versions (unspecified)
might have bugs (unspecified) that cause bootstrap to fail for some
(unspecified) reason.  You can also document the specific packaged
versions with problems in gcc/doc/install.texi under the entries for the
systems those problematic versions target.

Joseph S. Myers

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