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Re: Ada files now checked in

Only -W and -Wall would be relevant, -Wwrite-strings has no meaning
for Ada. We do in fact try to keep the sources warning free (*) so
this is perfectly reasonable.

(*) I must say I find the warnings in this area from gcc to be awful. To
be told that somewhere in a procedure there is a suspicious use of a
particular variable, but not to have this particular use pointed out
is quite annoying, given that

a) the compiler really could know the specific case 
b) 95% of the time these warnings are wrong, and so you are not looking for
     a suspicious use, but one that the compiler thinks is suspicious.

We are intending to compeltely duplicate these kind of warnings in the
GNAT front end eventually since there we can give much more precise
information about where and why a reference is considered suspicious,
and when that is done it will be even easier to keep the sources
warning free.

Most certainly our general philosohpy in GNAT is turn on all the warnings,
and then make warnings fatal, so that it is not just desirable, but
mandatory to remove all warnings.

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