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Re: Ada: VPATH in ada/Makefile.adalib

Geert Bosch <> writes:

> On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Florian Weimer wrote:
>   After some tweaking, I've been able to build the GNAT run-time
>   library. However, the build process now stops because ada/Makefile
>   assumes that the ada/rts/ subdirectory contains all *.o files:
>   	$(AR) $(AR_FLAGS) rts/libgnat$(arext) \
>   	   $(addprefix rts/,$(GNATRTL_NONTASKING_OBJS) $(LIBGNAT_OBJS))
>   This is not true, some of the *.o files are not built because of the
>   use of VPATH in ada/Makefile.adalib.
> Makefile.adalib is not used for building the library in a normal build.

Okay, I now seem to understand what is going on.  I've got the source
in ~/src-cvs/gnu/gcc/, and a build directory ~/src-cvs/gnu/gcc/BUILD/
in the source tree.  Usually (i.e. for other targets), this works
well, however ~/src-cvs/gnu/gcc/BUILD/Makefile contains a VPATH

        VPATH = ../../../gcc/ada

During the compiler build process, this refers to the directory
~/src-cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/, but when make invokes itself recursively in
the directory ~/src-cvs/gnu/gcc/BUILD/gcc/ada/rts/, the VPATH forces
make to in ~/src-cvs/gnu/gcc/BUILD/gcc/ada/, where it finds some
already existing object files. :-/

Oh dear, I've just noticed that this kind of setup is officially
unsupported.  Oh well.

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