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Re: Ada files now checked in

Zack Weinberg <> writes:

> On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 04:59:32PM -0400, Geert Bosch wrote:
> >   
>>   Also, if it will result in a significant simplification of the build
>>   process, it may be worth rewriting these tools in C.
>> I don't think that is necessary. It would be easy enough to add the
>> few lines to the make file to build these extremely simple utilities.
>> A gnat executable is needed anyway.
> I thought Richard said they needed a lot more of the Ada standard
> library than gnat1 itself did?

This does not matter in some cases.  I think we are dealing with quite
different scenarios at the same time:

  o Recent GNAT binaries are publicly available (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD,
    Solaris, Win32, to list a few platforms).  Almost any approach
    will work.  (Are the GNU libc 2.2/gcc 2.8.1 incompatibilities so
    severe?)  We have too separate cases here:

       - gcc is Ada-enabled
       - gcc is not, but gnatgcc/adagcc

  o No recent binaries are publicly available, but the platform is
    supported by ACT (HP-UX, IRIX, and a few more).  Perhaps ACT would
    rather like to provide a minimal set of binaries instead of a full

  o GCC backend does exist, but no GNAT binaries.  A cross-compiler is
    necessary, but not a complete development chain.  It is usually
    sufficient to copy the assembler files generated from the Ada
    source code to the target machine and proceed from there.

I think the GNAT build process should be tailored to the first case
(and both sub-cases).  The second case is only relevant during a
transition period, and all the proposals discussed so far do note make
the third case easier.

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