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Re: Ada documentation issues

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

  There are several issues with the documentation of the Ada front end which
  need to be resolved:
  * The front end should have a proper manual, distributed in the ada
  directory.  Once this is done, I will attend to updating
  update_web_docs and onlinedocs/index.html to have that manual
  available online.

The reason the manual is not checked in yet, is that it requires
preprocessing with a special tool written in spitbol. I can
in the preprocessed manual with the note that there will be some
major changes soon, as we reorganize the manual to not require
preprocessing anymore. The reason I'm hesitant in checking this
in now, is the fact that it would not be a good base for changing yet.
The other documentation issues are noted, but it would be nice if
there would be volunteers for this, as it is quite separate from
the things in the gcc/ada directory which I'm busy working on now.

FYI, since the Ada front end was contributed, there have been more
than a hundred check ins already. I'm figuring out now how to make
those changes flow to the FSF sources in a manageable way.


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