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Re: powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.3.0 bootstrap issue

	Thanks for the advice.  I couldn't get the compiler to produce the
bad output when being observed by a debugger, but maybe a different
version or a different person can.

	I and others have tracked this failure mode back all of the way to
the H_W_I "long long" change.  Prior to CONST_INT holding 64-bit values on
a 32-bit host, the bootstrap succeeded.  None of the 32-bit PowerPC ports
seem to show any problem.  There are not many ports where one bootstraps a
32-bit compiler with 64-bit support (requiring H_W_I to be "long long" in
the new design).

	Has anyone seen any problems for 64-bit Irix bootstrap or 64-bit
Solaris bootstrap?  I assume that those compilers continue to be built as
32-bit applications matching the AIX target.  Most 32x64 configurations
are cross-compilers not bootstrapped for comparison where one would notice
a possible common bug in GCC's "long long" support.

	I looked through the GCC TOC handling code for any parameter
mismatches, but I could not find anything which looks suspicious.

Thanks, David

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