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Fwd: Static variables don't appear in the map file

Dear All,

We have sent few minutes ago, an e-mail without subject. We know that the inclusion of a subject in e-mail is very important when many e-mails are 
received. Please, sorry for the inconveniences.

Thanks and Best regards,
Joaquim Duran

==================BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE==================
Dear All,

We send this e-mail from Indra-Espacio, a company placed in Barcelona (Spain). We are developing a real-time project using LynxOS from LynuxWorks. 
OS includes the GCC compiler (2.9-gnupro-98r2). 

We have technical support from LynuxWorks, but we have make to them a question about the compiler/linker options and we would like to get an answer 
its creators (that's the main reason, please, don't blame to Lynuxworks).

One of the requirements in our project is that we should provide the memory dump feature. Moreover, we should create a map file about to know the 
location of 
the global variables in .data and .bss section. The problem is that in map file, static variables should also be present, but they aren't.

Please, could you tell us if there is any way to include the static variables in the file map ?. This is absolutely necessary and critical for our project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Joaquim Duran
Thanks and Best Regards,

===================END FORWARDED MESSAGE===================

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