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Re: Loop unroll fixes

> There are three testcases for Zoltan's 3 patches.  Two of these testcases
> are not regressions.  They fail at -O2 -funroll-loops in both gcc-2.95.2
> and gcc-3.0.1.  The bugs should be fixed in mainline of course, but I see
> no critical need to include them in gcc 3.0.2.

Thank you for your analysis.  I agree: only the regression needs to be
fixed in 3.0.2.

> enough, to be included in gcc-3.0.2.  I am willing to approve this patch
> for mainline and gcc-3.0.2. This is the patch in

Great.  Would you mind applying it?

> I need to spend more time looking at the other two patches.  If we still
> want these patches in gcc-3.0.2, then the review will take longer than if
> putting them in mainline is OK, since I need to be more careful with
> patches for gcc-3.0.2.

We don't need them in 3.0.2.

> PS The testcase from Franz Sirl is a regressison at -O2, and hence is a
> more important problem than any of the 3 testcases from Zoltan which all
> require -O2 -funroll-loops to trigger.

Yes, I agree.


Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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