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Re: GNU Compiler where?

> I'm taking a class at NYU and the instructor has asked me to download the 
> C++ GNU compiler from your site.

The instructor doesn't understand the purpose of the web site
in that case.  The GCC team develops the compiler for use on many
platforms.  Developers of those individual platforms then repackage
the compiler for specific operating systems.  As a student, you'd be
interested in a precompiled binary package, not the source package.
But since you haven't told us what OS you run, we can't tell you what
you need.

As a first shot you can try the page

If you're using some flavor of BSD or GNU/Linux, the C++ compiler comes
with the OS, though you may not have installed the needed package.

> I don't want to sound like you have done a 
> poor job with the site because it looks like you have done a lot of work, but 
> for people that are not that technical it is way over my head.

The site isn't for people who are "not that technical", sorry,
nor is this list.  If you have further questions, please use the list

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