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Re: Ada files now checked in

    I tend to agree with the people who are saying that these files ought
    to be generated in the build directory during the bootstrap.

That would be nice too in the long term, but I think will make the
initial bootstrap process more complex since then you need gnatmake and
a full library as well.

    1. Any compilation of an Ada source file (.ads or .adb) might have to
    use a different program from the one used to compile C source.  

I don't think we want or need to support that.  It adds unnecessary
complexity and confusion.  We *want* the same compiler to be used for

    Now, the aclocal.m4 gook has the sole purpose of setting ADAC and
    GNATBIND correctly.  GNATBIND is easy - just call AC_CHECK_TOOL.
    (AC_CHECK_PROG was being used, but that will pick the wrong program in
    a cross-compilation.)  ADAC is trickier.  

Again, I don't think we want to go to this much trouble to support
non-standard configurations.  This is a new front-end: we don't need to
burden it with backwrds-compatibility like this.

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