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Re: Ada files now checked in

> The rules for generated files *ought* to be (this may change if / when
> maintainer-mode is more widely used in GCC):
> * Generated files are in CVS iff they are needed to run configure and
> build from a CVS checkout, given maintainer tools (Bison, gettext, perl,
> ...) already installed.  They might also be in CVS if precise tool
> versions are required to build them.  (This should be the same as the rule
> in the GNU Coding Standards for what gets deleted in maintainer-clean.)

The two files do not match this criteria.

> * contrib/gcc_update touches all generated files in CVS as necessary to
> ensure that a build does not modify any file from CVS unless the sources
> for that generated file have been changed.
> * Generated files not in CVS go in the source directory iff we don't
> require people building GCC release distributions to have the necessary
> tools to generate them installed.  For example, people building releases
> don't need Bison, but those building snapshots or CVS do.

The 4 tools needed to generate these files are written in Ada, each
one has only one source file, and they compile in under a second on my
low end PC). If there are no objection, I'll propose a patch to add
their automatic generation in the Makefile, and they will be generated
in the build directory (by using the build compiler like many other
source-generating tools in the GCC build process). (2000 Paris time
since I need to go to work now :).

Laurent Guerby <>

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