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Re: Ada files now checked in

> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 01 17:29:46 EDT
> From: (Richard Kenner)
> To:
> Cc:

>     I noticed these two files are generated in the original source
>     directory, I believe they should be generated in the build directory
>     since I assume this is standard build policy not to touch the original
>     source directory (I build in a clean directory separate from the CVS
>     sources as adviced by the GCC build instructions).

> I'd argue they should be in the source directory just like c-parse.c is
> in the original source directory and the reason is that the tools to build
> them may not be accessable and so these are checked in files.

This breaks (can break) multi builds when one source tree is used by
two or more build systems.


When it falls over around here, we just say, oh well, please just try
an incremental rebuild.  Would be nice, if it just worked.

My other favorite, is ranlib during install:

rm bla.a
ar ... bla.a ...
ranlib bla.a

This also fails for mostly the same reason, though, this fails because
of the sharing of install tree and not the source tree.  If each
operation were reasonably build/host independent and reasonably
atomic, the issue would go away.

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