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Re: Ada files now checked in

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Richard Kenner wrote:

>     I noticed these two files are generated in the original source
>     directory, I believe they should be generated in the build directory
>     since I assume this is standard build policy not to touch the original
>     source directory (I build in a clean directory separate from the CVS
>     sources as adviced by the GCC build instructions).
> I'd argue they should be in the source directory just like c-parse.c is
> in the original source directory and the reason is that the tools to build
> them may not be accessable and so these are checked in files.

The rules for generated files *ought* to be (this may change if / when
maintainer-mode is more widely used in GCC):

* Generated files are in CVS iff they are needed to run configure and
build from a CVS checkout, given maintainer tools (Bison, gettext, perl,
...) already installed.  They might also be in CVS if precise tool
versions are required to build them.  (This should be the same as the rule
in the GNU Coding Standards for what gets deleted in maintainer-clean.)

* contrib/gcc_update touches all generated files in CVS as necessary to
ensure that a build does not modify any file from CVS unless the sources
for that generated file have been changed.

* Generated files not in CVS go in the source directory iff we don't
require people building GCC release distributions to have the necessary
tools to generate them installed.  For example, people building releases
don't need Bison, but those building snapshots or CVS do.

Once we define - presumably by updates to doc/install.texi - what tools
are required to build the Ada front end in each case, from CVS and from
releases, this will lead to a conclusion as to what files should go in the
source directory.

Joseph S. Myers

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