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Re: Ada files now checked in

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Richard Kenner wrote:

>     Could you please add/submit a news item to/for our main web page?
>     (The web pages are under CVS control, in the wwwdocs module.)
> I don't know how to access that, but I'll try to get to it sometime

As a high-priority matter, both contribute.html and cvswrite.html need to
be updated as well to make it clear whether and when an Ada bootstrap is
required for changes outside of the Ada front end and libraries.  (That
is, the SC should decide this, but until it is decided it is unclear what
should be tested.  Similarly, it should be clarified when testing on
platforms that do not support all front ends or libraries (e.g., platforms
with no libgcj support) suffices.)

Will the automated regression tester now start testing Ada?  (Even before
an Ada testsuite is available in CVS, simply testing that it bootstraps
should be a useful addition to the regression tests, especially if many
developers don't immediately start building Ada, but I don't know how much
this would add to bootstrap times.)

Joseph S. Myers

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