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Re: Java help needed

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Kenner <> writes:

Tom> See what command-line make prints when it tries to build
Tom>  cd <build>/<target>/libjava Run the above command line
Tom> with `-v'.  Then debug jc1 with the command-line printed by gcj.

Richard> You are assuming I know a lot more about Java than I do.  I
Richard> can't even find gcj!  Also, this fails on i386 and my host is
Richard> alphaev56.  So I need to build something as a cross-compiler
Richard> and pass it some command line.

Richard> Details on what that is would save me a lot of time.

I haven't tried to build gcj as a cross-compiler in a long time.
However, back when I last tried, you did it the same way you build any

The command-line printed by `make' should tell you how to find gcj.
In my build it is <build>/gcc/gcj.

If you're trying to build just in isolation, without
building the rest of the library, you can probably do that.  However
you'll need to configure libjava first.  Then you can do something
like this to see what make will do:

    cd <build>/<target>/libjava
    make java/awt/Checkbox.lo


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