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sh-unknown-linux-gnu and shared library

NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
 > We needed small changes to GCC, I'll send patches to gcc-patches.
 > They are three things:
 > 	Support of no fdiv for integer division
 > 	Support of specific targets (sh3, sh4, sh3eb, and sh4eb)

I've sent the patches for those two.

 > 	Hide some libgcc functions to avoid unexpected register clobber

I think that Kaz will send the patch for this.  Before that, I'd like
to explain the problem.

    With the call through PLT (Procedure Linkage Table), 
    (unexpected) register(s) will be clobbered.

There're two cases, one is (non-PIC) executable, and another is (PIC)
shared library.

Case 1: Executable
Suppose an executable is linked to a shared library which exports a
libgcc function.  At link time, PLT will be generated and the call to
that libgcc function will become the one through PLT.

Case 2: Shared library
Normal pc-relative call has no problem, because GCC knows the
registers clobbered.

There're cases of call of libgcc functions, using the symbol reference
through GOT (Global Offset Table) which goes through PLT.  Like this:
    <<CALL of __udivsi3>>
	mov.l	.L1,r5
	mov.l	@(r5,r12),r6
	jsr	@r6

	The address of PLT entry of __udivsi3

	opecode of PLT 
	Offset of __udivsi3 

Such a call doesn't expect PLT clobbers some registers.

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