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Re: Why not a label for .debug_frame?

Robert Lipe wrote:
> > However, I have a problem where the name of the section .debug_frame
> > is used as a symbol (a "section symbol"), which is an ELFism not
> > supported by the Mach-O assembler.  I'm a little loath to change
> I'm not convinced it's an ELF-ism at all.  I think it's something that
> just happens to be supported by GNU as.

Yeah, somehow I always "just knew" this, but I couldn't find any
documented reference to the behavior, and finally had to verify by
looking at gas sources...

> > So my question is, why isn't .debug_frame handled this way too?
> > Inertia perhaps?
> I selfishly scratched only the rash that was affecting me.  I was in
> code that was well above my head.  I beat it until submission so that my
> target bootstrapped and the debugger worked at least trivially.  So I
> made no promises that I took the moral high roads on that.

No prob, now that I have a similar itch to scratch (image of
hundreds of engineers all furiously scratching themselves, bleah),
I'll work up the patch.


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