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Re: GCC Dump

Daqing Hou wrote:
> We are doing a research project on dumping the tree into an intermediate
> format. Ideally, we hope to reuse the options of the front end of gcc.
> Previously, the option to switch on the dump function is
> ``--fdump-translation-unit-the_dump_file_name'' but we found that gcc
> 3.0.1 has removed this option. Instead, a new option --``dumpbase
> <file>'' seemingly works for the purpose, is it? Could you please
> explain to us how the options are managed; what is the relation between
> gcc.c and toplev.c etc so that we can do the right `surgery'?
dumpbase appears to be undocumented. oops. It's been there for a long time
to specify the name of various RTL debugging dumps - it defaults to the name
of the source file.

Unfortunately there seem to be a number of defects in this. cc1 fails to
recognise -fdump-translation-unit (this is fixed in CVS). There's also
no way to override dumpbase from gcc. (I thought -Wc,thing should do that, but
we don't have it.)

Oh dear, bit of a mess really.


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