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Re: cross compiling for VxWorks

> I have a large sent of patches against an older gcc that we work with
> internally here.  I happy to send them out to you, if they'd help you.

I've run a simple java Hello world on my ppc-vxw target.
There are stil lots of unimplemented features, specially I have
not even tried to compile the GC.

Now I'll try to clean the environnement and make the tool generate
without manual interventions, starting with the C-compiler.

About these patches, what's their purpose ? and why aren't they integrated
in CVS ?? And of course I'd like to see them, whatever version they may be 

Now my first problems are with fixincludes and configure. I have to edit a 
few things by hand before being able to compile libgcc.
genfixes scans specs and generates substitutions for all defines (not starting
with '_'). For example if specs say -DCPU=xxxx, genfixes and fixincludes
will substitue any occurrence of "CPU" with "__CPU__" in headers. But when
compiling, specs stil define CPU which is now of no interest if headers 
expect __CPU__. I don't understand what's the aim of this substitution. IMO, 
specs and headers should be left coherent, either by substituing in the 
headers AND the specs or by not substituing at all. An other solution would 
be to remove all CPU definition from the specs and let the user provide its 
own definition, just like it was done with old gcc versions (2.7.2-3).

What's your opinion ?


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