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Re: Bug still in 3.0.1

On Sat, Aug 25, 2001 at 03:12:55AM -0700, David Rasmussen wrote:
> I was under the impression that if I reported the bug
> to gnats (which I did) and got the bug acknowledged by
> some guy responsible for handling my gnats submit
> (which it was) and if that guy even reported what the
> bug was, and implicitly how it should be fixed (which
> he did), then the bugfix would at sometime be in a
> future release of gcc.

All true.

> And now that this bug wasn't in
> 2.95.3, I was under the impression that if a fix was
> available, it would be in 3.0.1 .

It's the "if" clause there that's causing problems.

> It is a severe bug IMO, and I suspect an easy fix,
> even if I haven't checked the source code of
> in_avail(), because this is sort of a boundary case
> (there are zero elements in the buffer), and could be
> dealt with seperately, if not in any other way.

Yeah... it's easy to return pessimistic results, though.  I don't want to
start a discussion here and now (wrong list, and I don't have the time), but
once I get these concept-checking changes out of my local tree, I have some
ideas to propose on the libstdc++ list.


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