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Re: [Patch] C++ inlining heuristics changed (3.0.1)

Hi again,

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:42:29 +0200, Kurt Garloff wrote:
> OK; I did a lot of benchmarking and
> - left (a) at 600
> - set (b) to (a)/2 (as before)
> - set (c) to 130
> - used a slope (d) of -1/16.
> I'd like to have this patch included in 3.0.2. (Unless somebody can come
> with an inliner for 3.0.2 that does not cut inlining at leaves but at the
> trunk of the call tree.)

I just bootstrapped successfully with Kurt's patch applied and tested it
on the benchmarks in GiNaC's suite of regression tests.  Run-time
performance was somewhere between inline-limit 3000 and 4000 as seen
before, i.e. close to maximum, so this looks good.  File-size was actually
slightly smaller than any I have seen before.  (But as to compile-time it
seems that we are not very sensitive, they varied only about 10%.)

So, from my limited persective, I would like to recommend Kurt's patch for
GCC-3.0.2 unless somebody really fixes the inliner for good.

Richard B. Kreckel

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