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Re: inline-limit: some experimental feedback

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> Errr, they are due to not inlining iterators, because we hit the
> inlining limit.
> I've verified this through profiling his applications.
> What happens is we don't inline things where the call cost is less
> than the cost to just inline, which happens quite often with
> iterators, because we've already hit the various inlining limits.

Bad, but something like that had to be the cause, else I wouldn't
have suffered from such an incredible slow-down.

> This is the main missing heuristic.

Would this be hard to implement? Actually, didn't you have a patch
addressing this?

> Without it, you need to crank up the inline limit enough to get all
> the functions where call cost exceeds inline cost to be inlined.
> When you do that, you generate enough excess code to slow down
> compilation by a large amount.

Though, even if I set the limit to 10000, the generated code is still
measurably slower than for GCC 2.95.x.

Again, I'm willing to hand out our sources including a benchmark suite
who's interested to work on this, and I can also try patches and perform
such benchmarks by myself.

Gerald "Jerry"

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