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Build Status pages

Craig Rodrigues asked in private e-mail:

> > Thanks, I've added this to the 3.0 Build Status web page.
> Where is this web page?  You might want to include it when you
> respond to these messages on the mailing list.

OK, I can start doing that.  Here's some general information about the
build status pages.

The 3.0 Build Status page is at:

There's also a 2.95 Build Status page at:

These pages are now linked from the GCC 3.0 or GCC 2.95 pages and from
the pages reached by the "Installation" and "Platforms" links on the GCC
home page.  The current one is also referenced by the final part of the
installation instructions, which ask that if you've successfully built
GCC that you check the build status page and, if your platform isn't
listed, send mail to the gcc mailing list.

The 3.0 build status covers 3.0, 3.0.1 and will include future 3.0.x
releases.  If a platform is already included in the list then you can
assume that it should build with the latest 3.0.x release, subject to
any caveats listed in the "Host/target specific installation notes for
GCC", linked from "Platforms" at the GCC home page.

If you've got suggestions for improvements to the build status lists,
send them to me and I'll summarize them for the rest of the mailing


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