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Re: GCC 3.0.1 Released

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> GCC 3.0.1 has been released.

There are several updates to the web pages and FTP site needed.  Could
someone put these in a release checklist web page for future reference?

This announcement should go in a page gcc-3.0/gcc-3.0.1.html ...

> Richard Henderson, Benjamin Kosnik, Jason Merrill, Joseph Meyers,

 ... without the spelling error.

~ftp/pub/gcc/README needs updating to mention the new release (it hasn't 
been updated since 2.95.2).

~ftp/pub/gcc/releases/index.html needs updating to link to the new 

(Someone might want to create a mechanism for those files to go in CVS.)

onlinedocs for the new release need generating - but don't break URLs for 
the 3.0 onlinedocs, even if they are no longer linked to from the main GCC 

onlinedocs/index.html needs to be update to link to the new onlinedocs.

cvs.html needs to mention the release tag for 3.0.

index.html needs to mention the new release (linking to 
gcc-3.0/gcc-3.0.1.html).  Some of the older news items should probably be 
rotated onto news.html.

releases.html needs to mention the release (in both tables).

Joseph S. Myers

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