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RE: C++ Static Variable Initialization

Thanks for your response. I do not have a main() program. I am creating a
shared library using g++. This shared library gets called from an existing
commercial application hence I do not have control over it.

As I understand the process, g++ emits magic during main() call to
initialize "static const" variables to their defined value. I have seen that
if the variables do not get initialized proeprly specifically if they are of
string type. I have found out that the reason for this is absence of main()
in my program, where these variables are supposed to be initialized.

After reading some reference books, I have found out that there may be a
compiler dependent procedure that I can call to initialize these variable.
Specifically since I am using g++ compiler, what function call can I make to
intialize all my static const string variables properly. 

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Subject: Re: C++ Static Variable Initialization

On Aug 14, 2001, "Sarangdhar, NitinX" <> wrote:

> I have a C++ code with some static declarations. In the absence of main()
> there a way to initialize the statics properly? 

What appears to be the problem?  g++ does emit magic to get C++
globals initialized if you link in the gcc run-time object files,
which are implicitly linked in when you use g++ for linking.

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