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A (minor) doc problem?


I just joined the list, and haven't checked the latest CVS, so it's possible
what follows is a waste of everyones time; if so, my apolgies in advance.

In the GCC 3.0 info pages, the option -finline-limits is documented as
controlling how large of a function is inlined for functions explicetely
marked as being inline. However, it seems like this actually controls the
inlining of all functions (which is a good thing, my code is a lot faster with
gcc 3.0 vs 2.95 thanks to the extra inlining). But probably the documentation
should be updated. Or are functions not marked inline inlined with hard-coded
size limits? Anyway, some clarifications on that issue would be nice.

BTW, has anyone succesfully built GCC 3.0 on Linux/SPARC32 (Redhat 6.2)? I've
been having problems all over the place (mostly in libstdc++; mknumeric_limits
failed, some code was looking for strcmp and friends and couldn't find them,
etc). I don't think I'm too incompetent because I've done it on Linux/x86 with
no troubles.

Well, thanks!


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