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Re: updating CVS on soruceware

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Edwards <> writes:

David> -C Overwrite locally modified files with clean repository
David> copies.

Phil> Unfortunately, in the current version, the client /does/
Phil> correctly move the modified files aside (to their .#* versions),
Phil> but fails to strip the '-C' from the list of options... which
Phil> the client then sends to the server... which doesn't understand
Phil> '-C' (and doesn't need to)... and so the modified files are all
Phil> now missing.  You have to update a second time, but without the
Phil> -C.  Very annoying.  But at least it can be done.

There are probably other reasons we should move to cvs 1.11.
Unfortunately this will be hard to do until we can convince management
to schedule one of us to do some work.  :-(

If you just want `cvs update -C', then let me recommend Pavel Roskin's
CVS utilities:

`cvsdiscard' does what you want.

Between this package and Alexandre Oliva's `cvs-utils' package, pretty
much every missing piece of cvs functionality I've ever wanted is


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