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Re: new switch that warns about missing includes

On 13-Aug-2001, Florian Schintke <> wrote:
> [Alexandre Oliva]
> > However, this is tough to implement.  Suppose that b.hh is guarded by
> > include-once #ifndef/#define/#endif, and that b.hh is included by
> > before c.hh.  When the preprocessor gets to the point where c.hh
> > includes b.hh, even though it's not going to process b.hh again, it
> > must remember that b.hh would have included a.hh, and would have
> > brought in all declarations of names in a.hh again.
> It is hard to implement, nevertheless would it be possible to list
> this on the projects homepage so it is not forgotten:
> Or is it a too unimportant and not wanted feature for GCC?

The feature would certainly be useful,
but the ratio of importance to feasibility is very low.
I don't think it would be a good idea to encourage developers
to work on this one, because IMHO there are other areas where
development effort could be more usefully expended.

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