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GCC 3.0.1 Release

You may recall that the GCC 3.0.1 release is scheduled for August 15th.

That release date is no longer realistic.  I made it a priority to fix
the <std_limits.h> issues -- to fix regressions from GCC 2.95.x -- and
it has taken a little while to fix that.  Thanks to David and Gaby who
worked heroically to make the fixes.  In future, we need to do a better
job up front to make sure that we make it easy to support a variety
of compilation environments, including cross-compilation and multilibs.

I anticipate these changes being completed sometime tomorrow.  At that
point, I will make a release candidate for testing.  Assuming no
disasters, the release will occur on August 20th, 5 days behind
schedule.  I am not pleased, but we are doing the best we can.

If you know of any other regressions from 3.0 on the 3.0.1 branch,
now is the time to tell me.

The branch remains frozen, and no patches -- except for regressions
from 3.0 -- are likely to be accepted at this time.

Thank you,

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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