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Re: xm-djgpp.h undefined function?

> It uses a function called _fixpath (), but
> I can find no definition of it.  The only reference to it in the GCC
> tree is in the macro.

_fixpath is a djgpp-specific function to canonicalize a path. It's needed to 
canonicalize paths using the default djgpp prefix which is '/dev/env/DJDIR'. 
DJGPP can be installed by a user in any directory, and this type of path was 
invented so configure scripts and the generated makefiles will do the right 
thing, especially when distributed pre-configured. The environment variable 
DJDIR points to the root directory of the djgpp installation, so 
"/dev/env/DJDIR" evaluates to the value of "DJDIR".

UPDATE_PATH_HOST_CANONICALIZE turns "/dev/" paths into canonical form 
("/dev/env/DJDIR" evaluates to "c:/djgpp" if DJDIR contains "c:/djgpp" for 
example).  This is done to prevent paths in this specicial form from being 
passed to gcc.c's make_relative_prefix. make_relative_prefix has no way of 
knowing that "/dev/env/DJDIR" and "c:/djgpp" can be the same, so it will 
generate bad output as a result. So the upshot is "/dev/env/DJDIR" is turned 
into its result "c:/djgpp" to keep gcc.c's make_relative_prefix happy.


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