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doc/install.texi getting out-of-sync

Andrew, you caused the following in the CVS repository: This paragraph
seems to have duplicate information and there is a conflict marker; I
assume you resolved a CVS conflict the incorrect way?

  1.51  (cagney   01-Aug-01): For Solaris 2.0 and 2.1, GCC needs six packag
  1.51  (cagney   01-Aug-01): @samp{SUNWbtool}, @samp{SUNWesu},  @samp{SUNWh
  1.51  (cagney   01-Aug-01): @samp{SUNWtoo}.
  1.51  (cagney   01-Aug-01):
  1.51  (cagney   01-Aug-01): =======

Would you mind fixing this?

Moreover, is powerpc-*-netbsd* also supported on the 3.0-branch? If so,
please move your corresponding patch to doc/install.texi there as well.

Hartmut, if you compare doc/install.texi on mainline with the 3.0-branch
you see the following differences:

  < IBM S/390 system running Linux for S/390.
  > S/390 system running Linux for S/390@.
  < IBM zSeries system (64 bit) running Linux for zSeries.
  > zSeries system (64 Bit) running Linux for zSeries@.

Would you mind unifying this?

John David, the following difference between mainline and 3.0-branch is
by you:

  < Don't try compiling with Vax C (@code{vcc}).  It produces incorrect code
  > Don't try compiling with VAX C (@code{vcc}).  It produces incorrect code

Woud you mind unifying this?


PS: All patches to fix these issues are pre-approved.
Gerald "Jerry"

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