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Re: build broken on sparc-solaris2.7

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 04:36:39PM -0400, David Edelsohn wrote:
> 	It looks like Zack broke this and PowerPC with his GENERATOR_FILE
> changes today.

Augh.  I had assumed that the only use of #ifdef GENERATOR_FILE was
in config.h, when it comes up in machmode.def too.

I don't like the Pmode hack in machmode.def, it strikes me as asking
for trouble when code with different ideas of Pmode is linked together
(e.g. rtl.o and the rest of the compiler).  However, I don't have
a better idea for how to deal with that problem, so the appended
patch just puts -DGENERATOR_FILE back in HOST_CFLAGS.  I can build
a i686-linux -> powerpc-eabisim cross cc1 with that patch, and I
trust the regression tester will let me know if that isn't sufficient.



	* Partially revert my previous change:
	put -DGENERATOR_FILE back in HOST_CFLAGS, take it out
	of the hashtab.o and safe-ctype.o rules.

---	2001/08/09 22:33:16	1.719
+++	2001/08/09 23:05:34
@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ HOST_PREFIX_1=loser-
 # If you change any of the following variables, check whether a
 # similar change is needed in build-make.
@@ -1754,12 +1754,12 @@ gensupport.o: gensupport.c $(RTL_H) $(OB
 hashtab.o: $(srcdir)/../libiberty/hashtab.c $(GCONFIG_H)
 	rm -f hashtab.c
 	$(LN_S) $(srcdir)/../libiberty/hashtab.c hashtab.c
 safe-ctype.o: $(srcdir)/../libiberty/safe-ctype.c $(GCONFIG_H)
 	rm -f safe-ctype.c
 	$(LN_S) $(srcdir)/../libiberty/safe-ctype.c safe-ctype.c
+	$(HOST_CC) -c $(HOST_CFLAGS) $(HOST_CPPFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) safe-ctype.c
 genconfig$(build_exeext) : genconfig.o $(HOST_RTL) $(HOST_PRINT) $(HOST_ERRORS) $(HOST_LIBDEPS)

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