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Re: compile driver finding binutils

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001 wrote:

> > We have a need to use both cross gcc and, of course, binutils
> > cross-tools, but not have them installed in the same location.
> > 
> Why not in the same location?
> > I have tried configuring gcc using --with-as=.... and --with-ld=..., but
> > these seem to require an absolute path to the tools. This would not be a
> > problem except that the tools will not always be mounted in exactly the
> > same place (depending on curcumstances and machine).
> > 
> Yes.  This is a problem.  The best way would be to install them in the
> same location via a combined tree:

Like I said - we don't want to do that. If we do that it means that we are
building everything everytime we change one thing - even if make skip most
of it still takes time. The first build from clean will take half a day -
we don't want that either.

What we want to do is have each component with sepearte source, object and
install directories (more than likely with different people working on
each) and then be able to pick and choose between the different
installations (ideally by just fiddling with the path or some such thing).
A monolithic system is exactly what we don't want. Especially when it
will potentially include large parts of a Linux distribution (well that
probably wouldn't need to be in the same build tree, but consistency
would be nice).

We can probably fiddle the library locations by putting a custom
environment variable in the specs file (?), but the binutils location is
what is causing the most bother.

Thanks anyway

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