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Re: libgcc

> Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 11:24:58 -0400
> From: Bahman Sistany <>
> To:

> How do I specify that I don't need libgcc built when I build the
> compiler for a new port I am working on. For now I have manually
> taken the libgcc.a target out. Also, this port has its own
> libraries, assembler and linker. My assumption based on what I have
> read online is that I don't need libgcc. Is this correct?

Probably not.  You can take it out, and then after you start finding
all the bugs, then you can report the bug here, and we say you have to
include libgcc.a, and then you fix it, or you can just not break it
from the beginning.

For a start, you can compare the dejagnu testsuite results with and
without it, bear in mind that the testsuite doesn't actually test

If you go through and audit every single external symbol, why it is
generated and prove to yourself that in fact the generated code can
never contain a reference to it, then feel free to remove it.

For an example of something your probably going to miss, try running

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