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Re: gcc 3.0.1 & C++ ABI issues

On Monday 06 August 2001 16:49, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> --On Sunday, August 05, 2001 08:26:28 PM +0100 Nathan Sidwell
> <> wrote:
> > Guys,
> > Stefan has emailed me, regarding the state of 3.0.1 wrt KDE. Here's my
> > summary
> Thank you for putting this together.
> > As it's now the 5th August, I do not think we will have a KDEable
> > compiler with 3.0.1. The patch set from which I extracted 3909's fix is
> > still incomplete and I am unlikely to have time to work on it until late
> > August. Once I'm happy with that patch set, I'll see if KDE starts
> > working with it.
> That sounds like the right plan to me.  I'm sure that 3.0.1 is better than
> 3.0, C++-wise, and that is good.

Hmm, I'm not very happy with it. Remember this is a regression from gcc-2.95 
and was reported before 3.0 was released. IF we release 3.0.1 without KDE2 
being fixed, I would suggest that fixing that bug  is a release criteria for 
gcc-3.0.2  (and gcc-3.0.2 should be released in about the same  timeframe  as 
gcc-3.0.1 then, 2-3 month).

Anyway, many thanks to Stefan producing these small  testcases and to Nathan 
for working so  hard on fixing them.


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