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register indirect addressing in GCC

 Hi All
  I am working for a new gcc port. I have a small
 question about registerindirect addressing in GCC.
On my machine I have two index registers, whom I can
use in the indexed addressing (reg+disp).

  A register class containing these two regs is
 and on my machine I can use accumulator  in register
indirect  addressing i.e     (reg) with out
 displacement.But not in indexed addressing

  I am not able to use this register in the  register
indirect addressing, because my BASE_REGISTER_CLASS
does not include this register.
 Even though I am allowing this kind of addressing in
This is my observation. Is there a way in which I can
use my accumulator  in register indirect addressing.
   Currently few tests give spill problems during
reload. I think if I can take the advantage of this
option I will be able to pass through those tests.

Any suggestions would be of great help.

thanks and regards,

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