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Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib

NIIBE Yutaka writes:
 > But this is irrelevant.  I agree that sets of "single specified"
 > target is good.  But I believe that the definition of
 > sh-unknown-linux-gnu (sh-linux in short) is supporting multiple
 > targets.

I know that you believe that.  I, on the other hand, believe it's the
wrong thing to do, and it makes no sense to do it.

 > Do you agree this?
 > (2) Removing multilib from sh-unknown-linux-gnu is questionable for me.
 >     I'm afraid of it just means let the target sh-unknown-linux-gnu 
 >     as sh3-unknown-linux-gnu.

Right, which it already does as far as glibc is concerned.  As far as
I know the multilibbing of sh-unknown-linux-gnu was simply a mistake.

 > (3) If you don't like multilibbed environment, just not use
 >     sh-unknown-linux-gnu, which supports multiple targets.
 >     Instead, use single one.

Yes, I know that's your opinion.  However, it makes more sense to me
to leave sh-unknown-linux-gnu compatible with glibc.  This means as
sh3, little endian.  However, sh-unknown-linux-gnu may well be phased
out over time.

 > (4) I believe that the target sh-unknown-linux-gnu means supporting
 >     four targets:
 > 	sh3-unknown-linux-gnu
 > 	sh3eb-unknown-linux-gnu
 > 	sh4-unknown-linux-gnu
 > 	sh4eb-unknown-linux-gnu
 >     To suppurts those four targets, it uses multilib.

It does not support these because it does not build, at least not
without some great contortions.

 > (5) Currently, GNU C library doesn't support multilibed installation.
 >     However, you can manually set up the environment.  Compile &
 >     install & move for those four targets (four times).

Do you actually do this?  Do you believe that it is the sensible thing
to do by default for sh-unknown-linux-gnu ?


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